Cica Peel Set with AHA/BHA

Cica Peel Set with AHA/BHA

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Cica Peel Set- with AHA and BHA




Cica Peel Cream 20ml x 3each

Cica Peel Solution 6ml x 10vials


This Cica Peel Set is a peeling solution used for exfoliation, brightening, evening out skin tone and texture, and more. Yaaaassss!! We love a multi-bonus product!  M&K Beauty is pleased to offer it a bundle that gives you more than enough product to see real results!!!


Cica is one of the buzzwords in the beauty community these days, as it has so many benefits for our skin. We are excited to offer this gentle and EFFECTIVE spa like experience for you!




  • Fights hyperpigmentation

  • Brightens dull skin

  • Clears clogged pores

  • Restores pH balance

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Repairs damaged skin cells

  • Full of Antioxidants!


How does it work?⁣⁠


The treatment consists of 2 components:


   1. Cica Peel Cream - peeling solution to polish and brighten the skin surface by removing dead skin cells and impurities with AHA and BHA combination.

   2. Cica Peel Solution - with paschal candle extract and MultiEx Rosanic, restores the skin pH balance, soothes sensitive skin, and strengthens the skin barrier.


Directions for use:


1. Apply Cica Peel Cream on the desired area with a brush.

2. Leave on for 20 – 30 minutes.

3. Remove the thoroughly with a spatula.

4. Apply Cica Peel Solution a cotton pad and wipe your face thoroughly.

5. Follow-up with a hydrating sheet mask if needed.


If you don’t use all of the Cica Peel Solution at once, you can close the bottle and store it up to 14 days. (this is cool)

Repeat procedure once a week.


Share your results with us, we want to hear you!!!


Good job taking care of yourself!