Miracle H

Miracle H


1 Vial  2ml

Miracle H is a combined product consisting of polycaprolactone colloid solution (PCL) and hyaluronic acid. The combination of these two active components is known to dramatically increase the rejuvenation effect.

After the procedure, the skin becomes thicker , tighter and more radiant.  Main Advantages:

* Efficiently moisturizes skin, and at the same time has a high level of stimulation of natural collagen synthesis. 

* It is well distributed within the dermal layers. 

* Little to no downtime – swelling falls down within one hour. 

* Correction result lasts at least 1 year.

  Product Purpose:   

Miracle H is used for mesotherapy procedures in order to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin in all areas of face, crows feet , under eyes , cheeks , forehead , jawline under chin décolleté, back of hands.

Use with: Ez Injector , Microneedling, Needle injection


Usage * Fine lines & wrinkles * Cellular Hydration * Skin Laxity * Sun Damage * Texture of Skin

•1-6 injections are typically required to achieve a visible effect.


NEOCOLLAGENESIS – Regular HA based mesotherapy products provide visible effect only for 1 2 weeks after a single procedure. However, Miracle provides natural volumizing effect that lasts for more than a year after just a single procedure due to the cumulative effect of PCL degradation that causes neocollagenesis •The regenerated collagen maintains the procedure effect for more than 12 months.